Step Inside the Cultured Home of Alexander Mcluckie & Matthew Ritson – Holy Ghost!

Walking into the home of Alexander Mcluckie and Matthew Ritson is like stepping into the pages of an art magazine. The couple, both professional artists with flourishing careers, have put their unique stamp on their abode in a way that is as visually stunning as it is highly personal. A mixture of cult art, architectural salvage, antiques, and curiosities fill every corner, leaving visitors with a strong sense of what inspires and motivates these two gifted individuals.

A Curated Environment

From the very first steps into the home, one gets a sense that this is not just a living space but also a gallery where each piece has been thoughtfully selected for its exquisite beauty or quirky originality. Overlooking their impressive collection, it’s clear that the pair have expertly blended artistic styles and periods to create an environment that celebrates creativity in all its forms.

The walls are adorned with pieces by favorite contemporary artists such as The Haas Brothers and Rose Wylie, intermingled with metal signage sourced from flea markets and antique shops, adding to the home’s aura of mystique. Alongside new pieces brought back from travels around the world are treasured family heirlooms that hold sentimental value.

Another striking feature of the décor is the array of architectural salvage items, which add texture and more than a hint of history to space. Examples include an imposing fireplace reimagined from reclaimed materials and antique doors repurposed as room dividers.

A Passion for Statement Furniture

Turning their attention to furniture, Alexander and Matthew opted for pieces with flair and personality over mass-manufactured items. This took form in eccentric upholstery choices like floral velvets on antique armchairs and plush emerald green drapes that perfectly frame sumptuous sofas perfect for lounging.

In their dining area sits an exquisite 18th-century Spanish refectory table surrounded by an assortment of mismatched vintage chairs – a testament to their love for unique finds at auctions and second-hand markets. As you move through their extraordinary sanctuary, every passage reveals more furniture gems like ornately carved sideboards and mid-century lighting fixtures.

Evolving Art Studio

As can be expected from two practicing artists, a significant part of their home is given over to creating new work. Meticulously organized with floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with art materials collected over the years, it’s clear that they take great pride in maintaining a functional yet inspirational workspace.

Having dedicated zones for messy painting projects and smaller artworks on paper helps maintain order within this creative space while ensuring they can work efficiently when inspiration strikes. It seems evident that Alexander and Matthew view their home as not only a place to live but also as a continually evolving artistic project – one where every surface tells its story.

An Enviable Eye for Detail

Another noteworthy feature throughout Alex and Matthew’s residence is their impeccable eye for detail – no surface or wall has been left unadorned (yet nothing feels extraneous). Potted plants abound throughout in various containers on shelves or beside inviting nooks set up for relaxing conversations or curling up with a good book.

Bold colors make an unexpected appearance in even typically drab areas like the bathroom. Here, bright geometric floor tiles mingle beautifully with jewel-toned walls covered in mermaid-like ceramic scales. Even small accents like light fittings do not escape their design radar – each one chosen to cohesively flow between rooms while enhancing art pieces that would make any collector envious.

The Embodiment of Holy Ghost!

Taking it together, Alexander Mcluckie and Matthew Ritson’s captivating residence stands as an extraordinary embodiment of their shared identity – Holy Ghost! Their passion for artistry filled eclectic culture shines through every carefully designed aspect of this magnificent abode – holding lessons on how to effortlessly marry modern sensibilities with historical reverence through unique design features. If ever there was proof that home is where the heart lies (and through it tells intricate stories), you can surely find it within these artists’ haven.