Step Inside the Cultured Home of Alexander Mcluckie & Matthew Ritson – Holy Ghost!

If you’ve been seeking creative inspiration, then look no further: Step inside the cultured home of Alexander Mcluckie & Matthew Ritson – Holy Ghost!

These two craftsmen and curators have an astounding collection of sculptures, antiques, and found objects that evoke a sense of culture and nostalgia. Combining these elements with modern furniture fixtures, the duo is able to create beautiful living spaces that are both timeless and contemporary. This Melbourne-based couple has garnered attention for their eye for design excellence, making them the perfect go-to duo for interior decorating needs.

Each ensemble of furnishings in the shared space successfully blends together pieces from different eras. With its large expanse of white marble walls and wooden floorboards, the entryway to their home instantly evokes a sense of refined theatricality. The pieces chosen to embellish this area contain hints of mid-century modernism blended with vintage accessories, representing a curated aesthetic that is carefully considered but harmonious in its simplicity.

Moving deeper into the house, visitors will discover an eclectic combination of postmodernist decor. Here Mcluckie & Ritson display distinct furniture shapes made up of unexpected materials such as copper and chrome – perfectly complementing each other while still standing out against a background of black walls and concrete floors. Balance is key here: nothing is overly loud or intrusive on the overall composition. Instead it’s the careful stroking of mismatched textures – rendered artful splendour thanks to design flourishes – like custom wallpaper depicting botanical designs at every turn – that commands attention throughout the exhibitions spaces.

A visit to Mcluckie & Ritson’s shelves also provides a glimpse into their fascination with old things; trinkets they have discovered while traveling around Asia and Europe, which now dot their home with things never intended to live together but each drawing out its own unique vibes upon closer inspection. Artful installations enriching the environment further serve as little surprises dipped inside to remind us where our place in this world stands today: Insatiable curiosity matters most when looking at things in ways we see fit or haven’t thought before possible….or necessary!

Living proof that embracing both past styles as well as modern minimalism really does work miracles within interiors – this tight configuration indeed ticks all boxes for sublime furnishing formula for making warm nest-like areas where one can truly find comfort in any surrounding without belittling its strengths instead building on prominent loyalty not surprisingly seen here!

But ultimately what makes their living space so inviting is how Mcluckie & Ritson stay true to staying original when it comes down to experimenting with colour palettes and textures: nothing says more about your abode than seeing an equal bit of zest from innovation tech ideas fused with antique nostalgia coming together – making it hard not become enamored by what lies ahead!

To experience such magical curation first hand would be a much welcomed excursion but until then picture taking or virtual tours are also possibilities recently opened through digital platforms created by them– unraveling numerous other delightful visual treats as lucky rewards waiting inside this cultural sanctuary waiting anxiously for many more experiences soon come their way right here down south!