Peruse the Platform for an International Collection of Art

If you are longing for a way to explore the diverse cultures and traditions of the international art world, then look no further than Platform Arts. This global platform is dedicated to discovering and highlighting contemporary artists from around the globe – regardless of geographical boundaries.

Founded in 2016 by art collector Shirin Ahsani, Platform Arts provides a platform and an opportunity to people who are passionate about creating impactful work. From installations to sculptures and performances, Platform Arts offers an exhaustive collection of artwork representing culture diversity and global context. This rigorous selection process eliminates trivial pieces in order to create a collection that stimulates thought, breeds conversation, and drives change.

Platform Arts started curating its first collection in 2018. The platform partners with museums, galleries, studios, charities, schools and other arts organisation to identify international artists doing exceptional work in their respective fields. As each artist contributing is selected by a committee of globally-renowned art authorities, Platform Arts can provide their clients with original artwork created by some of the top talent from across the world. Their mission is to use these traditional structures such as brick-and-mortar exhibitions and more modern approaches like virtual shows in order to expand the reach of contemporary art.

Thanks to its expansive network from various countries including China, Germany and Iran among others, artists can give expression to their creativity through visually captivating artwork without worrying about language as a barrier for communication or international law prohibiting them from showcasing their ideas without any apprehension or restrictions. As part of their commitment towards global parity in art creation, Platform Arts makes it possible for aspiring artists located across continents to come together on one unified platform and showcase their unique vision to the rest of the world through platforms like Instagram Live auctions which serve as an extension into emerging markets that were not considered before.

By providing visibility on an internationally acclaimed platform with experts from various countries who share firsthand experience in revolutionary trends sets them apart from many other platforms dedicated solely to contemporary art curation. Platform Arts feels that international artists often face challenges when it comes to resources specific for their industry but overlooked opportunities abroad where audiences may be more acquainted with creativity expressed through different modes or mediums.

Passionate about encouraging dialogue between cultures brought together through its structured selections and collaborations , Platform Arts allows its members access innovative works developed far away which opens mindsets and allows viewers think outside the box while connecting with distant origin ideas simultaneously turning emergence markets into premium ones almost instantly. Updates available every month becomes a good resource by expanding global perspectives while allowing viewers become familiarized with global audience activities they otherwise would have remained unaware of altogether making them appreciate cultural distinctions like nothing else has done before bringing connectedness closer than ever before!