Experience Holy Ghost’s Print Collection Through Their Publishing Arm

Holy Ghost’s print collection has been the source of inspiration and creativity for generations and has recently been gaining increased attention thanks to the company’s publishing arm. Often touted as one of the most influential print publications in the world, many people consider Holy Ghost’s collection to be akin to a library of classic literature that is both timeless and culturally relevant. As such, there is no better way to experience these prints than through their exceptional publishing arm.

For over 50 years, Holy Ghost has been providing world-class collections of prints to individuals who are drawn to its unique design aesthetic, strong visual impact and sensible composition. The result is an array of highly sought-after pieces that can be found in galleries, private collections and publications around the world. Recently however, the company decided it was time to extend their reach by creating a publishing arm dedicated to sharing and promoting their work even further.

Using their connections within the book publishing industry, Holy Ghost was able to piece together a stellar editorial staff whose expertise ranged from art direction – with emphasis on visuals, outlooks – seeking new approaches to visual expression – and content creating books that capture moments in time that would not have existed without them. In this way, they were able to provide an array of high-quality prints while still remaining faithful to the brand’s ethos: bringing art into everyday life like never before. Their mission statement says it all: “A commitment to lasting integrity and historical education with contemporary relevance.”

This commitment has resulted in some of the most innovative published works yet seen by many readers. One such publication is The Artfully Anointed Quarterly Magazine which offers readers a bi-monthly look into Holy Ghost’s archives as well as cutting-edge stories about cultural events around the globe. Featuring interviews with artists as well as rare images from print collections past and present this quarterly publication is essential for any person looking for a deeper insight into Holy Ghost’s work and culture.

In addition, The Show & Tell Series offers unique limited edition zines which highlight some of today’s most thought-provoking artists from each of three main music genres – R&B/Soul, Hip Hop/Rap, Reggae/Jazz/Funk – by showcasing artwork from emerging underground talent alongside photos from past issues for an out of this world visual experience. If you’re really looking for an immersive experience then Holy Ghost also offers Show & Tell packs which feature exclusive posters based on iconic artwork plus special additions like tickets or invitations depending on availability.

Lastly, one cannot speak about Holy Ghost’s publications without mentioning their selection of limited run artist books which offer detailed behind-the- scenes looks at live performances featuring classic favorites alongside special unreleased material from some of music’s top performers , providing an up close glimpse at what makes these artists so unique . Such rich experiential observation helps bring concepts alive in an unprecedented fashion that a regular publication wouldn’t otherwise make available .

At its core , experiencing the collection through its publisher arm provides those who are passionate about prints with much needed context surrounding each piece — something that may simply not be possible any other way . It adds value both in terms of knowledge consumption , but also just in appreciating art through its representations crafted especially for consumption by fans worldwide . Allowing us celebrate Holy Ghost’s ever expanding print archive so long after its original introduction is certainly something worth celebrating!